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Sawgrass releases dye-based, waterproof ink

Graphics | September 1, 2009 | By:

Sawgrass Technologies released M-FP Ink Film Positive, a dye-based, waterproof ink for screen printing. Pigment-based M-FP inks offer more resistance to UV light than dye-based inks currently on the market. With the ability to dry quickly on most standard clear films, M-FP ink allows users to print multiple films at once and burn screens immediately after printing. M-FP ink cartridges are available for the Epson 4880, 4800, 1800, and 1400 printer systems. M-FP will work with most common RIP software, such as CADlink, FastRIP, MultiRIP I-proof, and AccuRIP.

SOURCE Sawgrass Technologies

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