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Wristwatch features embedded airbag

Advanced Textiles, Projects | October 7, 2009 | By:

[Yardstick Enterprise Co. Ltd.] Taipei, Taiwan

Airbags save lives on the road and a Taiwanese inventor, who has embedded an airbag in a wristwatch, hopes they will do the same in the water. Water sports enthusiast Tseng Tze-Kui came up with the idea of the inflatable bag in a watch as a lightweight alternative to lifejackets. The Fixblessing displays time like a normal watch but has a small bottle of carbon dioxide attached to the wrist piece; when it is triggered, the airbag inflates. The Fixblessing is ideal for swimmers and divers and as a safety precaution for older children, although it is not recommended as a replacement for conventional life jackets. Available only at fishing and sports accessory stores in Taiwan and Singapore at this time.

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