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Cabana solar panels produce 1,260 watts per hour

Awnings & Canopies, Projects | November 1, 2009 | By:

Most vacationers don’t need an enticement for lounging in a poolside cabana, but for those who want more than good looks, Solade Concepts, Corona, Calif., has a bright idea. The Solar Cabana is topped with eight solar power panels that can produce 1,260 watts an hour, enough to power small appliances, ceiling fans, an LCD television or other electric-powered necessities.

The queenly square-topped cabana’s solar panels are hidden from view by Polytex® Extra Heavy Duty Knitted Shadecloth, manufactured by Polyfab USA, Manhattan Beach, Calif. A layer of the fire-resistant HDPE Polytex fabric obscures occupants’ view of the solar panels while allowing air to circulate, cooling both the panels and allowing air circulation. Other partners involved in product development include Davis Fabricators, Corona, Calif., producers of the cabana’s steel frame, and AR Industries, Fontana, Calif., which created and installed the fabric covering. Solade Concepts introduced a prototype of a new product, the Solar Umbrella, earlier this year.

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