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Fabric cube suggests balance and mass

Fabric Structures, Projects | September 1, 2010 | By:

Geometry is not rocket science for Pink Powered by Moss, New York, N.Y., which designs and rents tensioned fabric structures in all shapes and sizes. Its massive cube display, which stands more than 16 feet high, is a real attention grabber, appearing to balance impossibly on one point. As an event centerpiece or entryway, the cube suggests balance and mass. Enhance it with LED lights, interior-lit images or event logos, and watch customers have a “how did they do that?” moment.

A two-inch aluminum frame forms the base of the cube and 150 pounds of sandbags hold it to the floor. Flame-retardant fabric is stretched across the frame, after any internal lights or equipment are included. The cube can also be left open and filled with products, flowers or other display materials. Pink rents the cube in white or can custom design in color. The entire exhibit piece weights 96 pounds, fits in three bags and takes 90 minutes to set up with a crew of four.

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