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Social media connections get sneak peek at Sawgrass eBook via Facebook and Twitter

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Sawgrass Technologies, a leader in the development of on-demand digital printing technologies, announced its upcoming release of Sublimation 101, The Complete Guide to Successful Dye Sublimation Printing, for sublimators and aspiring digital decorators. The Sublimation 101 e-book provides answers to sublimation challenges. Topics include: color management, preparing images for printing, understanding light and color, vector images vs. bitmap images, the mechanics of the sublimation process, and how-to applications for sublimation production.

Sawgrass’s social networking friends can receive a complimentary pre-release copy by following Sawgrass on Facebook or Twitter by February 1.

Sawgrass Technologies Inc.’s technologies allow for the mass customization of platform-proven digital products for printing onto surfaces such as plastic, metal, films, ceramics and textiles. The Sawgrass family of brands includes ChromaBlast™ NaturaLink™ ink, SubliJet®, Totech™ ArTainium™ and SubliM™ inks and ink delivery systems. Sawgrass Technologies is headquartered in Charleston, S.C., with additional offices in Basel, Switzerland and Sheffield, England.

Source: Sawgrass Technologies Inc.

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