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Insolroll, Leviton combining to deliver complete solar shading solutions

Awnings & Canopies, Products | February 22, 2011 | By:

Insolroll Window Shading Systems has allied with Leviton Mfg. to develop complete solutions for the integration of commercial lighting controls and solar shading window treatments. The Leviton/Insolroll Solar Shading System’s unified architecture uniquely incorporates Insolroll’s advanced fabrication of solar shading products and Leviton’s extended suite of lighting control solutions. Integration of Insolroll’s motorized window treatments with Leviton’s EnOcean-enabled LevNet RF controls and GreenMAX 0-10 volt system will provide optimal energy savings and user comfort.

When the office is occupied, the occupancy sensor is configured for either manual-on or auto-on for luminaire control. The window shade could be triggered to move to a default position or is positioned by the occupant for the desired level of comfort and glare control. When the office is vacant, the occupancy sensor detects that and switches the Luminaire off and, during summer, lowers the window shade to prevent heat gain. During the winter the window shade could be raised to allow heat gain.

From simple installations to virtually maintenance-free operations, the innovative solutions created by the alliance will present customized energy harvesting solutions that could help building operators and owners efficiently manage natural and artificial lighting for maximum energy savings, workforce comfort and convenience. Use of automated shading systems can decrease a building’s energy consumption and carbon footprint by lessening its dependence on HVAC and artificial lighting systems. The solutions will also minimize glare and heat for building occupants, creating a comfortable environment.


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