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Hohenstein awards first-ever sleep comfort label for children’s sleeping bags

Industry News | April 18, 2011 | By:

In March, the first sleep comfort quality label for children’s sleeping bags was awarded to the company ARO® Artländer in Kettenkamp, Lower Saxony, Germany. Jörg Fricke of the Hohenstein Institute in Bönnigheim presented the label to managing director Karl Rosenstengel. Test results were impressive—the children’s sleeping bag that was tested was awarded the mark 1.1 (very good) for sleep comfort, at a sleeping temperature of 18°(C) or more.

The children’s sleeping bag produced by ARO® Artländer was tested against three criteria: thermal insulation, breathability and the buffer effect during light perspiration. The thermal insulation of the sleeping bag was tested with the help of the thermal articulated manikin “Charlene,” which provides information about how well the sleeping bag insulates the child from the cooler ambient temperature. The children’s sleeping bag is designed for an average climate with an ambient temperature of 18 °C or more, since the temperature in bedrooms rarely drops below that even in winter.

Breathability is particularly important for children’s bedding. At Hohenstein it is tested using what is called a skin model, which provides information about how quickly perspiration in the form of vapor passes through the material to the outside. The buffer effect also ensures that it stays nice and dry in the sleeping bag even during light perspiration. Only if the temperature in the sleeping bag is comfortable can children enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

Source: Hohenstein Institute

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