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Monofilament turf blades offer durable performance and natural look

Projects | October 1, 2011 | By:

The Christian Unified School District of San Diego will take the field this fall on the first-of-its-kind synthetic turf using TenCate Monoslide Ultra™ with XQ™ technology turf blades. TenCate Grass Americas, Dayton, Tenn., developed the three-dimensional monofilament turf blades with a ribbed crescent design to provide resilience and a natural look, as well as the ability to bounce back after a 200-pound linebacker takes down the quarterback (giving a new meaning to the term “groundbreaking”). Concave surfaces between the blade ribs deflect light in multiple directions to reduce glare on the soccer, football or baseball field. Hellas Construction Inc., Austin, Texas, chose the turf fiber as the heart of their new Insurrection™ turf system because of its durable performance and natural look. The Christian Unified School District is the first to use this turf system, but several other installations are on the way.

The structural 3-D shape of the Monoslide Ultra fiber is strengthened to withstand material stress by TenCate’s proprietary XQ technology. The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the international soccer federation, certifies artificial turf as FIFA 1 Star or 2 Star; the TenCate Monoslide Ultra with XQ meets FIFA 2 Star requirements and is guaranteed to hold the rating for five years.

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