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Clear spheres provide clear view

Products, Tents | November 1, 2011 | By:

In a natural setting, the view from every spot in a CristalBubble is spectacular with nothing more than a turn of your head.

The clear spheres made by BubbleTree of Nanterre, France, are based on minimum energy and material and maximum comfort and interaction with the environment. Though they have only been available for rent in France, spokesperson Sophia Artaoui says BubbleTree has received “purchase requests” from around the world and is looking for worldwide distributorship.

The structures, designed by Pierre Stéphane Dumas, are made of recyclable material reinforced and treated for UV protection and fire retardance. A remote, silent turbine continuously pumps air into the structure to maintain its shape and remove moisture. When not in use, the fan is turned off and the sphere is covered. To use it, simply remove the cover and turn on the fan; in 15 minutes … poof! … you’re back in the bubble. BubbleTree recommends a bed of gravel for permanent site installation; and you’ll want some shade from the sun.

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