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India a top market for U.S. textile exports

Industry News | January 1, 2012 | By:

In 2010, India’s total textile and clothing exports to the U.S. were $5.38 billion; U.S. exports to India totaled $141 million. Despite the disparity, India is still one of the top four markets for U.S. apparel and textile products, along with The Netherlands, Brazil and Taiwan. The top U.S. exports to India include apparel, yarn, hosiery products and industrial or specialty fabrics. Yarns made up the biggest export item to India, which is both good news ($51 million out of a total $164 million in 2011) and bad news: India uses U.S. yarns to create products that are exported back to the U.S. markets. Get more data on the U.S.-India export balance on the U.S. Department of Commerce website.

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