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Branded tent shades video gamers

Projects, Tents | September 1, 2012 | By:

People sat on couches and gamed—but not in their living rooms. Contestants gamed for more than 26 hours in a tent at the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo to set a new Guinness world record for longest video gaming experience using tablets. The contest was created by Qualcomm in celebration of the release of its gaming tablet using their Snapdragon software.

Hollywood Tentworks, of Pacoima, Calif., installed the 30-by-50-foot Losberger P7 structure at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The tent was outfitted with glass side walls to allow contestants to see out and others to look in. “We achieved a two-tone look [on the roof] by printing the black logo onto the white vinyl exterior roof panel and painting the interior with red vinyl paint,” says Donald Potts, president and CEO of Hollywood Tentworks.

The structure served as a marketing vehicle; every possible area of the tent was branded, including a custom top with Qualcomm logos, interior gable-end panels that read “Game On” and the glass walls with stick-on graphics. “This tent looked great from the ground and the sky,” says Potts.

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