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Graphics dress up a charging station

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The project. Pink Inc. had recently been acquired by Moss and wanted a new product launch and marketing message to announce the new arrangement.

The company. Pink Powered by Moss developed a new product line for trade show use.

The task. Develop a year-long marketing program and product line to get the message out that Pink offered a new product line for events to Moss’ core clientele of event producers and designers.

The challenge. Design a beautiful looking product that would provide a place for event attendees to power-up their e-devices in a way that was more attractive than a plain power strip, be available for rent, is easy to transport and install, and is available at a reasonable price point.

The solution. Pink Powered by Moss designers developed a modular, easy-to-assemble charging station with a unique shape where event attendees can get energized and conveniently recharge their e-devices. The fabric-clad Juice Bar-Charging Station is composed of a customizable spot table (a tapered column covered in stretch fabric) with charging units hidden inside; an inverted fabric cone that extends the unit’s height to 8 feet, and a circular cap of tubular aluminum frame with pillow-cased fabric. The kit of parts can be modified according to the client’s branding needs by digital graphics dye-sub printed on the fabric. Internal lighting is also available as an extra rental fee. Three types of fabric are used: Performance Stretch spandex from Sportex Intl., Symmetry from Fisher Textiles and Moss’ proprietary Tricot Shiny.

The result. A dynamic, attention-getting structure that can be spotted across the convention floor, the Juice Bar-Charging Station has successfully launched and added a new revenue stream for the company. “A great branding opportunity that combines form and function in a fun way,” says Marc Posnock, senior account executive at Pink Powered by Moss.

Bruce N. Wright, AIA, Editor

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