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New video explains energy advantages of fabric awnings and solar shades

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Saving money, enhancing curb appeal and reducing your carbon footprint are just a few benefits to retrofitting homes with awnings, according to a new video released by the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA).

The animation provides a simple overview of how awnings benefit homeowners. The video features a discussion of PAMA’s recent nation-wide, 50-city energy study that shows how fabric awnings or exterior shades can save homeowners up to 50 percent in cooling costs in some areas of the country.

The 2012 study focused on older homes that are typically smaller and less insulated than newer construction. Data from the study showed that retrofitting older houses with awnings and solar shades can increase a home’s energy efficiency.

For example, awnings on a home with single or double glazed windows in Pennsylvania can reduce cooling energy 46-50 percent in a hot year compared to the same house without awnings. In a hot city like Phoenix, Ariz., the estimated net savings was $193 in a typical year.

“The Awning Energy Study video is a fun way to help homeowners find the study online and share it with others,” said Michelle Sahlin, managing director of PAMA. “Fabric awnings are a simple home upgrade that enhances your home exterior, while reducing energy used by running air conditioners at full-blast. The sun’s rays through glass are responsible for almost 20 percent of the load on your air conditioner.”

“Awnings block solar heat before it passes through the windows into the house,” says Peter Yost, vice president of, an online green building design resource. “Installing fabric awnings make the home interior more comfortable and they can save 30 percent or more on the summer energy bill depending on geographic location.”

Details on how the study was conducted, a summary report and data for each of the 50 cities are available at the Awning Info website.

Source: PAMA

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