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Kenafine recyclable coated fabric for architectural structures

Fabric Structures, Products, Tents | June 1, 2013 | By:

PTFE- and PVC-coated fabrics are often used in tents and membrane structures, but have been difficult to recycle due to the difficulty of separating the fibers from the coating resins. Taiyo Kogyo has developed Kenafine™ for architectural structures, a “green” fabric made by weaving kenaf bast fiber with polyester fiber as a base fabric; it can be easily recycled to produce paper products. The multifunctional coated fabric has a recyclable, self-cleaning effect and offers antibacterial activity. Kenaf is a species of hibiscus plant that grows faster and absorbs more carbon dioxide than many other trees and plants, and is also being used as a raw material for production of papers, automobile interiors, electronic products and biofibers.

SOURCE Taiyo Kogyo Corp.

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