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2014 Specialty Fabrics Showcase: Part 1

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The key word for fabric choices (and the products made from them) these days is performance: fabrics that resist weather of all types; fabrics that enhance; fabrics that protect as well as beautify; fabrics that fight infection; fabrics that generate power; fabrics that are made of recycled materials and can be recycled again; fabrics that last.

We asked our contributors to give us information about their latest fabrics-and what makes them stand out to customers. In this issue, we’ve included fabrics that emphasize strength, durability, sustainability, safety and comfort. We’ve included contact information on each supplier if you need more information on the fabrics submitted.

In the May issue of the Review, we’ll present Part II of the Specialty Fabrics Showcase.

View the products in each category below:

Strength & Durability




UV Protection

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