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Eliminate glare on laptop screens and monitor

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Today we’re seeing laptop and monitor screen technology incorporating higher screen resolutions and rapidly moving toward touchscreens. While these advancements increase the usefulness of these devices, they also have a downside of causing increased screen glare issues due to the glass surfaces needed for these new displays.

From under the harsh fluorescent lights found in office buildings to the bright, natural rays coming through the window of a coffee shop, today’s workforce is constantly viewing information on their computer screens in less than optimal lighting situations. This, coupled with a rise in devices with glossy displays being released by computer manufacturers, has forced employees to close the blinds, change their computer’s angle or even move the physical location of their workstation to avoid a harsh screen glare. Addressing the demand of workers needing a solution that eliminates glare on their laptop screens and desktop monitors, 3M has introduced new Anti-Glare Filters to enhance the viewing experience for users.

The new filters:

  • Help reduce glare and mirror-like reflections, making screens easier to view in high-glare situations.
  • Are easy to apply, remove and re-attach with no bubbles.
  • Are compatible with most touch-screen displays.
  • Provide screen protection against scratches, dust and dirt and also hides fingerprints.
  • Include cleaning cloth and two forms of attachment options: washable optically clear adhesive strips or slide mount tabs.
  • Have a lightweight, thin, frameless design.
  • Offer a limited one-year warranty.

3M Anti-Glare Filters are now available on, and other authorized 3M resellers for laptops and desktop monitors.

Source: 3Mscreens

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