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The IFAI Canada 2014 Honours Program winners.

Five winners selected by the Canada Honours Program were announced at the annual IFAI Canada Expo held March 13–14 at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, Toronto, Ont. Entries are open to members of IFAI Canada and judged on complexity, design, workmanship, uniqueness and function.
In memory of former IFAI Canada Chairman Jeff Nash, one Honours Program entrant is selected to receive the Nash Award. It is given to a first-place recipient that most typifies the high standards for craftsmanship, function and innovation Jeff Nash showed in his projects.

Nash Award

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Sollertia Inc.
Montreal, Quebec
Project: Cantine Ben La Bedaine; Granby, Quebec
Fabrics: Précontraint®502, Précontraint®902 by Serge Ferrari, from AB2CS

With the expansion of Cantine Ben La Bedaine, a Granby, Quebec, restaurant managed by the Dubé family for three generations, the owners requested a cover for the outdoor terrace area that would also serve as a signature piece.

The project consisted of a 170-square-meter tensile structure composed of two double curvature membranes and an inverted conical structure, its points held by a system of painted galvanized steel posts.

Several elements had to be controlled during the formfinding process to ensure proper overlapping of the membranes. To allow for adequate height under the cover, the geometry of the membranes and positioning of the anchor points had to be carefully studied. The existing building could not accommodate anchor points, so the company had to work on posts located within proximity of the building. In some cases, several membranes were attached to a single post, representing an engineering challenge. To add to the project’s complexity, the client requested that a fountain be integrated in the center of the structure.

Award of Excellence

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Auvents OmbraSole
Montreal, Quebec
Project: Pergola with fully retractable roof and variable slope; Montreal, Quebec
Fabrics: Précontraint® 502 by Serge Ferrari North America Inc., Sunbrella® by Glen Raven Custom Fabrics LLC; from Trican Corp.

Auvents OmbraSole received several customer requests for a freestanding structure that would provide shade without the need to remove the roof in winter. The company responded by creating the Pergo, a freestanding structure ideally installed near a pool, in a garden, or on a patio.

The Pergo is a weather-resistant aluminum structure with a fully retractable roof of variable slope that can be operated manually via a crank, or by remote control. Side lateral gutter systems prevent water penetration. The roof is made of water-proof vinyl material that is completely hidden inside a roller tube when the roof is open. The roof canvas rolls back for storage, eliminating the need to remove it during winter months.

The structure is made to measure from 10 feet to 14 feet with posts that are 4 feet by 4 feet. All accessories are stainless steel. Additional enhancements include four side curtain systems and a mosquito netting system to fully enclose the roof and all four sides.

Award of Excellence

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House of Canvas
Ottawa, Ontario
Project: Cedarview; Ottawa, Ontario
Fabrics: Sunbrella® by Glen Raven Custom Fabrics LLC, Textilene® by Twitchell Corp.; from Trican Corp.

The client wanted to update, enlarge and enclose her existing pipe-frame patio canopy to create an inviting and spacious entertaining area that was flexible for use and reflective of her style.

The welded frame canopy is 32 feet and 4 inches by 20 feet and 8.5 inches, with a rise of 36 inches. It sits atop a wooden pergola structure, attaching to the existing brick wall. This wooden base supports the steel canopy structure and power screens and, at the client’s request, also hides the steel work. The framework is constructed of square galvanized steel tube that measures 1.5 in. by 1.5 in. by 0.065 in.

All hardware has a zinc or galvanized finish. All tie-down bars, required for fabric attachment, consist of round galvanized steel tube that measures 5/8 in. by 0.065 in.
The frame was given a final finish of matte black enamel. The fabric top is made from Sunbrella #4859, Silica Dune. Wooden posts measuring 14 inches by 14 inches were installed to support 2-by-6-by-6 beams running the perimeter of the patio area and act as the pergola frame and attachment for the canopy. The sidewalls enclosing the structure are wireless-controlled power screens made with Textilene Super Screen fabric within a framework and tracks of extruded aluminum. The mesh is seamless with some walls extending beyond 20 feet.

To keep bugs out, the canopy top was sealed to the wooden structure with Velcro®, and foam bollards were created to squeeze between the wooden columns and the house. A brush hem at the base of the power screens also prevents bugs from entering.

Outstanding Achievement Award

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Bellon Awnings
Montreal, Quebec
Project: Montreal East End Golf Club; Montreal, Quebec
Fabrics: Précontraint® 502 by Serge Ferrari; Eclissi by Corradi USA

To generate profits at the golf club, the owners wanted to offer golfers interesting courses and a relaxing atmosphere. To grow revenue, they wanted to revamp their surroundings to attract meetings, banquets, weddings and other outdoor activities. This project contains two 18-hole golf courses and was presented to the company for conception and fabrication in early 2011. It was completed in 2013.

It consists of two fixed stationary awnings made of white vinyl Ferrari fabric, with a painted aluminum structure. The one on the second floor of the building measures 32 feet by 5 feet by 36 feet; the one on the first floor measures 31 feet by 3 feet and 2 inches by 25 feet. There is also a 79-foot by 25-foot fixed wood 4-section motorized retractable PT80 Corradi awning made of Eclissi white vinyl fabric. This awning was the first of its kind installed in Quebec.

Quebec’s irregular climate was challenging because the product needed to function and perform from April to November. Motorized clear vinyl blinds around the structure offer wind and rain protection. A wooden handrail was added to protect the blinds from poorly driven golf carts.

Outstanding Achievement Award

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Fiesta Tents Ltd.
Saint-Laurent, Quebec
Project: Allergy Relief House; Montreal, Quebec
Fabric: duraskin® by Verseidag, from Verseidag US

The client requested a custom tent that would give the illusion of a house. The desired look included a side dormer and smaller dormers on the roof, along with real windows and doors. The 625-square-foot tent was used as a display for a national tour across Canada and needed to travel easily and be installed in less than half a day. It also needed to be suitable for outdoor events.

The look was based on artwork provided by the client’s marketing department.The most challenging aspect was managing the design and manufacturing phases among different companies. The frame was manufactured by Losberger in Germany. Fiesta Tents in Canada then fabricated the tent based on PDF drawings provided by Losberger, and coordinated the printing, which was done by PNH Solutions. Windows and doors were integrated by Mediasystems, which presented another challenge as the company usually fabricates indoor displays, with little experience working with vinyl. Creating decorative roof dormers was also a difficult task, as they had to look realistic without adding too much weight.

The project was completed in less than six weeks, from time of order to the first event installation.

Holly Eamon is assistant editor for the Review.

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