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Shiny mesh curtains make showers chic

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Modern bathroom designers deliver grand meccas for relaxation,
stimulation and luxury, concepts in marble or slate that create a
spa-like atmosphere with all of the amenities. This grand ambiance deserves more than a pink plastic shower curtain, and Cascade Coil, a Tualatin, Ore., maker of woven wire mesh fabrics, introduces the Serenity shower curtain to glitz the daily spritz. Made in two finishes, a brightened aluminum with an industrial vibe and bright pearl gray with a softer non-metallic patina, the standard size 72-by-72 inch shower curtain elevates bathroom couture for a cost of less than $500. Custom weaves, dimensions and finishes (including stainless steel) are available by special order.

“Our shower curtain, which utilizes standard hardware and curtain rings, provides ambiance that is at once sleek and evocative,” says
Cascade Coil’s president and CEO Ronald Schoenheit. The advantages of woven wire mesh may not seem obvious at first, but Schoenheit points out that water glides off the mesh, and the fabric is ecologically friendly, recyclable, lightweight and will not fade, rust or stain. The
curtain allows light to pass through, a sexy semi-transparency, or can be used with a liner for additional effects (or more modest bathers).
The texture disappears against certain kinds of stone, marble and
matte tile, giving designers new options for showing off the shower.

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