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Custom railing completes couple’s dream home

Projects | January 7, 2015 | By:

Unique staircase features Banker Wire mesh.

Looking to achieve their custom home’s rustic-modern design, a couple in St. Charles, Mo., Greg Buchheit, a principal with St. Charles-based Architectural Remodel & Contracting, and his wife, Amanda Buchheit, turned to Banker Wire, Mukwonago, Wis., to provide the mesh for a staircase railing.

Banker Wire representatives guided the couple to plain steel L-64 woven wire mesh, characterized by its highly-defined square openings, surrounded by Banker Wire U-edge. This created simple and sleek infill panels that complement the weathered steel railing and reclaimed barn wood stair treads.

The couple wanted to maintain the straight lines and 90-degree angles of the home in the transition between its levels. To achieve this, they created a railing system that positions the mesh pattern perpendicular to the ground, even as the railing slopes upward. Greg first constructed each infill panel by surrounding Banker Wire mesh with raw sticks of Banker Wire U-edge. He then welded each panel to a steel channel and support posts, which were purchased from a local metal distributor. The entire railing was one welded piece, which he then installed on the stairs.

Source: Banker Wire

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