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Companies collaborate on closed loop initiative

Industry News, News | June 16, 2015 | By:

Four companies—Designtex, New York, N.Y.; Steelcase Inc., Grand Rapids, Mich.; Unifi Inc., Greensboro, N.C.; and Victor Group Inc., Quebec, Canada—have developed a closed loop textile recycling program and are discussing further expansion of the circular economy model.

Textile waste from Victor and Designtex products at Steelcase’s Athens, Ala., manufacturing facility is segregated, collected and sent to Unifi’s Repreve® recycling center in North Carolina to be recycled into Repreve fiber. The yarn is then sent to Victor and developed into new woven fabrics for Steelcase and Designtex. The team’s focus has now shifted to expanding the product waste collection and growing the impact, while providing more secondary raw materials for new product development by Victor, Designtex and Steelcase.

Product offerings are expanding, and Designtex is currently showing four new styles based on the closed loop platform at Neocon 2015, which are featured in the new Designtex + West Elm Workspace collection.

Source: Victor Group

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