For grommet installation on tarps, banners, safety belts, awnings and wind screens, the cost-effective yet heavy-duty machine can set one size in fully automatic mode and multiple sizes in manual mode. It will automatically adapt to the different thickness and materials. A standard touch screen offers interactive guidance.  |  +1 514 617 0973  |  Booth 3307

ArcticBlast Dual

ArcticBlast Dual functions for winter humidification and summer cooling. The high-velocity fans and high-pressure water atomization are intended for large industrial spaces. For winter humidification, fans are pointed horizontally and the system maintains a desired RH “set point” control. For summer cooling, fans are pointed toward areas for maximum cooling (6-10 degrees F general cooling and up to 15 degrees F spot cooling).


The ArcticMist System provides high-pressure humidification. It automatically maintains relative humidity “set point” by a ± 2 percent RH zone sensor which cycles on and off the pump control station supplying 1000 psi water to each fan. The “shearing effect” of high-velocity air further reduces water particles and accelerating evaporation. Aggregating six nozzles together makes routine maintenance easier. All components are easily moved, repositioned or relocated for plant layout changes.  |  +1 704 588 2603  |  Booth 1553

100 percent cotton grey canvas and yarn

Ajanta Universal Fabrics Ltd. offers yarns of superior and consistent quality to dye houses, converters and manufacturers of tents, tote bags, tool bags, boat covers, furniture manufacturers and coaters. Competitive pricing available.  |  +91 98223 94806  |  Booth 2195
ALBARRIE CANADA LTD  |  +1 705 737 0551  |  Booth A221


Alexicool is a padded solution with a low cure temperature (130-150 C), washable up to 25 launderings, low dye and dirt transfer, and passes 16 CFR part 1633. It contains low formaldehyde and can be applied to both polyester and polypropylene blends. In the bedding market, the application would be a washable or non-washable mattress ticking that needs a cool feel to the bedding. The application for apparel is a durable solution that acts to pull heat away from the body.  |  +1 864 326 6384  |  Booth A239

Extrablock Shade Cloth

Extrablock is recommended for tension structures, shade canopies, shade sails, shade covers, privacy screens and windscreens. It is available in 21 colors, each classified to ASTM E-84 fire resistance with 17 of the colors being certified under CSFM Title 19 and NFPA 701. All colors backed by a 10-year warranty.  |  +1 954 540 4103  |  Booth 3113

Dornier Weaving Machines

Dornier machines handle the most demanding of fabrics, including airbags, carbon fabrics for composite structures and aramid fabrics for fireproof and bulletproof applications.  |  +1 704 697 3310  |  Booth A1339

Crocodile Hangers

Strong-hold hangers that are easy to use, replace and reposition. Multiple slide styles and sizes for multiple track channels are available. Products offered in Screw-in or Rivet-on assembly styles. Recommended for curtains, tent panels/side walls, signs, awnings, shades and banner applications.

Pelikan Hook™

Easy-on and easy-off hooks for a strong hold even on heavy panels. Simple screw in attachment allows for assembly virtually anywhere. Easy replacement for old, broken spring hooks. Used for tent walls and panels, and banner applications.

PVC and aluminum rails

Heavy-duty, thick aluminum, and lightweight, rigid PVC rails are easy to install into frames and easy to insert into channels. Recommended for industrial tents and fabric structures, awnings, banners, signs, tensile structures and commercial shades and covers.  |  877 908 3233  |  Booth 2037


The American Plastics hardware line now includes a T-bar component for tying down tarps, banners or anything that requires an ordinary toggle ball. The component is appropriate for tying down tarps, banners and canopy tarps.  |  +1 209 834 0287, ex 114  |  Booth 2129


TEX-QMS is a textile quality management system that supports manufacturing companies and service providers who use textiles, including all the steps required for consistent quality assurance. The accredited Weber & Leucht Application Lab offers a full service approach that combines all essential individual services.  |  +1 678 244 1530  |  Booth A747

SigNature T

SigNature T is a custom, botanically-based DNA molecule that bonds to fibers at the source to ensure full traceability through the supply chain. By combining unique DNA molecules into a standard polyester master batch and extruded into fiber, a new system for tagging is possible for synthetics. Benefits for implementing the SigNature T platform are protecting source materials and IP, supply chain integrity and transparency, brand protection and product differentiation.  |  +1 973 699 6939  |  Booth A612

VYNGUARD® Performance Coatings

Available in solvent- or water-based, VYNGUARD® is easy to apply and can mitigate 100 percent of plasticizer from migrating through the surface. It exceeds industry standards for UV resistance, dirt shedding, moisture resistance, severe stain protection and fungal resistance. Colored topcoats or print ink formulations are made with specialty grade inorganic pigments for superior color fastness, offering long-coating lifecycles and providing high-definition print reception and superior dot gain properties.  |  +1 330 773 8911  |  Booth 1843

High-speed metal and spark diversion system

For any company processing fibers where fires or metal contaminates are a potential risk. For both nonwovens and traditional spinning applications.  |  +1 704 372 1228  |  Booth A124

No-Shock® Anti-Static Filaments

No-Shock Anti-Static Filaments are used for industrial, military, consumer and carpet applications. Features include permanent functionality and EHS-compliant.

No-Shock® Anti-Static Fiber

No-Shock Anti-Static Fiber is an economical, permanent anti-static solution that is dyeable for pastel colors. Chemical-free and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 compliant.  |  +1 713 315 5723  |  Booth A1349


The lightweight, integrated design of the unique woven structures affords higher levels of strength and opportunities for new design applications previously unattainable with build-up or weld-reinforcement areas. Bally Ribbon Mills designs and produces woven 2-D and 3-D structural shapes for hybrid composite structures used in aerospace applications, bridge structures, sporting gear and medical equipment.

Medical Device Textiles including, vascular devices, prosthetic devices, soft tissue implants and woven seamless tubulars

Bally Ribbon Mills’ facility includes advanced weaving systems, yarn preparation and inspection areas for the production of fabric to the most stringent requirements. Environmental sampling, data collection, storage, and alarms ensure complete environmental monitoring and redundancies. ISO 13485 Certified, the company offers services of its medical textile engineers and weavers on a confidential basis.

Tapes and webbing

High-quality narrow fabrics are quality-tested and American-made. Specialty textile materials are used as structures in critical customer applications when specific performance properties are required. The company provides material certified to industry specifications such as Mil-Spec/PIA-Spec and NFPA. ISO 9001 and AS 9100 Certified. Applications include military, safety, industrial, aerospace, commercial and medical textiles.  |  +1 610 845 2211  |  Booth A529
BAT USA CORP.  |  +1 845 610 1139  |  Booth S2011

Aliphatic Ether TPU FMVSS Webbing

Used in medical, transportation and safety markets, the 2- to 7-inch panel seat belt webbing is coated to provide increased abrasion and antimicrobial resistance. ISO 22196:2011 test results show >99.9 percent reduction of activity in escherichia coli (ATCC #8739), methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (ATCC# 33591), salmonella choleraesuis (ATCC# 10708) and staphylococcus aureus (ATCC# 6538). Webbing compliant with FMVSS #302, flammability of interior materials and FMVSS #209, and seat belt assemblies with the exception of par. S5.3(c).

Non-Halogen Flame Retardant TPU Coated Kevlar® Webbing

Used in military, fire rescue and aerospace markets, engineered Kevlar webbing is coated to provide increased flame retardance, reduced smoke density and toxicity, outstanding hydrolysis resistance, low temperature flexibility and high resistance to micro-organisms. Passes the ASTM-6413 flame test (12 second flame test).

Sublimated Coated Webbing

Used in pet, safety and medical markets, six-color (maximum) pantone solid-coated or CMYK printed webbing has a pattern repeat length of 16 inches and is coated with an 85A Aromatic Ether TPU to provide increased cleanability, durability and waterproof properties.

TPU Foam (Buoyant) Coated Polyester Webbing

Used in marine, tactical and fashion markets, the 3/8- to 4-inch wide polyester webbing is coated with an Aromatic Ether TPU Rough or Smooth Textured Foam that provides a more durable, cleanable and waterproof webbing with a specific gravity of less than 1, which allows buoyancy in water.  |  +1 440 327 0485  |  Booth A325

HEYtrax spacer fabrics

Complex weaving technology ensures dimensional stability, strength and a form-locked combination of fabric surfaces, guaranteeing a safe and stable connection between layers. Closely crossed plain weave deviation produces a light surface requiring less coating material for inflatable constructs. Applications include flood control, bomb protection walls, temporary noise barriers, inflatable screens, boat flooring, health mattresses, sport mats, lifting bags and paddleboards.  |  +1 540 980 4461  |  Booth A1329

VCM 9 x 10 Expanded Air Mesh

Windscreens and divider curtains offer exceptional UV and mildew resistance. Wide width availability results in labor-saving fabrications.

VCM Vinyl Coated Mesh 18 x18

Bruin VCM features exceptional UV, mildew and flame resistance properties. VCM is recommended for sporting goods applications including football sideline turf protection tarps, windscreens, backstops and gym divider curtains. Also applicable for RV windshield covers and shades.  |  +1 401 568 3081  |  Booth 1919