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Adaptive cooling technology for clothing

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Designed to mimic the skin’s ability to sweat, HeiQ Adaptive AC-06 equips sports enthusiasts with activated cooling enhanced performance and thermal comfort. Photo: HeiQ.

We all have the ability to regulate our body temperatures by sweating through our skin.
As the moisture we produce evaporates, the skin cools naturally. But our clothing hampers this process.

Swiss Textile innovator HeiQ has solved this problem with cooling technology applied to textiles that complements the natural perspiration process. It works like a second skin that can sense a rise in body temperature and perspiration. HeiQ Smart Temp responds to heat and cold; it cools down the wearer by vaporizing moisture and removing body heat. When it’s cooler, it evaporates moisture more slowly, retaining body heat on light fabrics.

Recently, HeiQ introduced an innovation that works on demand. HeiQ Adaptive AC-06 interacts with the body, helping to lower the skin’s temperature as the wearer feels the heat. The patent-pending technology is based on an instant cooling hydro-functional polymer that is activated when skin temperature exceeds a range between 82.4°F and 89.6°F, and deactivated once the person cools down.

A two-step process keeps the body at the optimum performance temperature. Before the first sign of sweat on fabric, a melting action is activated, sending instant-cooling impulse directly to the skin. As the wearer gets hotter, a vaporizing action transports sweat away from the body, reducing the skin’s temperature. In tests, it produced a 2.7°F to 4.5°F reduced skin temperature compared to untreated fabric (depending on fabric weight).

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