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Hit the road with a canvas surfboard bag

Projects | August 1, 2018 | By:

Style and function come together for a surfboard bag that makes the trek to the beach easier. Photos: No Excuse Co.

So what is the best way to carry your surfboard on the go—especially when your car or motorcycle has limited space? The answer lies in the childhood memories of one of the artisans at No Excuse Co., who recalls seeing his father, a military man, carrying a huge duffle bag on his shoulder as he returned to his unit in the wee hours of the morning.

The Taiwan-based No Excuse Co. team makes high-quality, small-batch bags for a variety of uses. They took that memory and considered each detail of the duffle to create the highly functional and stylish Military Surfboard Bag for anyone who loves hitting the open road and taking the board to find the best spots to surf.

The team began by repurposing vintage 22-ounce military tent canvas made of American cotton for the body of the bag. It’s finished with vegetable-tanned leather for a super savvy look.

The lightweight bag fits surfboards measuring five feet five inches by seven feet. It easily adjusts to size by rolling or unrolling the bag and securing it with the leather straps. For details, visit

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