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Tuft love for natural carpets

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Launched during the international design expo Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk, Belgium, Casalis’ EARTH collection is inspired by a desire to reconnect with nature and to live more sustainably. The company even offers shipping alternatives by boat as opposed to air freight for pieces produced outside of Europe, enabling customers to reduce their carbon footprint and enjoy a cost reduction. Photos: Casalis.

Industrial textile designer Liset van der Scheer enjoys the challenge of taking traditional materials and using them in an innovative way. For a recent collection of carpet and poufs for Casalis, a Belgian designer and producer of contemporary interior textiles, van der Sheer explored the idea of bringing the outdoors inside. As she imagined the all-natural carpet, she wanted the feel of wandering through
a forest, but in an interior space.

Van der Sheer created a design, fittingly called EARTH, which mimics the look of moss on the forest floor. To realize the concept, Casalis employed an innovative, 3-D tufting technique to create a structured carpet that mimics the texture of moss.

For Casalis, the signature feature was that the carpet and accessories would meet the company’s commitment to sustainability—and the carpet is 100 percent biodegradable. The fabric is organic wool, and natural latex is used instead of synthetic glues.

To color the natural fibers, Casalis used plant-based dyes that could be implemented in an industrial process. The company landed on muted shades of nature with colors appropriately named cloud, forest, moss, stone sand and dust.

The carpet is complemented with poufs knitted with textured Merino wool, originating from ecologically raised sheep and finished with plant-based dyes. The poufs are filled with synthetic balls that are recyclable and can be repurposed through a Casalis end-life program. For more information, visit


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