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Washing bag fights plastic pollution

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Langbrett, the creator of Guppyfriend, is committed to keeping plastic out of waterways. The company also founded the nonprofit Stop! Micro Waste and will use profits from the washing bag to fund research, education and other initiatives to stop plastic waste. Photo: Langbrett.

The millions of tons of plastic pollution that end up in the oceans and other waterways each year is quickly becoming a global crisis. One of the culprits is clothing made from synthetic textiles. With each laundering, numerous small plastic fibers make their way from the washing machine down the drain and into oceans, lakes and rivers. These bits of plastic have found their way to the outmost parts of the deep sea, and even into ice in the Arctic.

Enter Langbrett, a design company formed by surfers and nature lovers to create environmentally sustainable clothing and footwear. Although the company’s own designs are made from natural materials, it also offers some outdoor apparel from other brands. Langbrett realized that it could contribute to the micro waste problem, so the company decided to be part of the solution.

Langbrett developed the Guppyfriend®, a washing bag for synthetic clothing that keeps plastic from the drain. Made of Polyamid 6.6, a specially designed micro-filter material that is untreated and contains no additives, the bag filters out even the tiniest microfibers during washing.

Measuring 19.7 inches by 29.1 inches, Guppyfriend is easy to use. Synthetic clothing is put in the bag, zipped up and thrown into the machine with other clothes. When it’s time to dry, the clothes come out of the pouch and the leftover bits of fibers can be collected and properly disposed.

At the end of its lifecycle, the bag can be recycled or even sent back to Langbrett for reuse. For more information, visit


Photo: Langbrett.

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