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Swimming—fast—with the sharks

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HeiQ and Speedo listened to the feedback of premier swimmers to create a new line and two different styles of Fastskin suits. Photos: Speedo.

Competitive swimmers know that the right swimwear is essential for the swift swim they seek: The suit needs to be drag-resistant to achieve maximum speed. Iconic swimwear brand Speedo has introduced a new Fastskin line of suits that utilizes a resistance technology that ups the game by providing super resistance. Speedo collaborated with Swiss textile innovator HeiQ to employ the technology, which modifies the surface of the fabric at a microscopic level. 

There are two styles within the Fastskin line. LZR Pure Intent features technology inspired by shark skin that targets drag reduction with textured fabric zones. Its triple-fabric construction enhances compression and flexibility. The combination is designed for speed. 

LZR Pure Valor suits enable swimmers to increase power and reduce drag through streamlining. The fabric is light and flexible, offering a greater range of motion and core stability that helps racers feel lighter and ride higher in the water while staying strong to the finish. Dual-layered fabric around the core provides enhanced stability for greater power output. 

Both styles are designed for optimal hydrodynamics with flat-bonded seams and improved finishes. Men’s suits feature a lightweight microfiber waistband that keeps water out throughout a race. Women’s suits offer straps with a high-power elastic base for flexibility, stretch and power return while keeping a low profile. For more information, visit

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