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The Hot Pocket for outdoor comfort

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Hot Pocket does double duty on a camping trip: It stores your gear and keeps it warm. Photo: Sierra Madre Research.

When the nights get cold or a chilly rain falls during a camping adventure, wouldn’t it be great to slip into a heated, cozy sleeping bag? That’s the idea behind Hot Pocket, a stuff sack that includes a heating element to warm whatever is stored inside.

Made by outdoor gear designer Sierra Madre Research, the sack comes with two electric heating panels sewn into the fabric that are operated with a battery pack. The heat panels provide six hours of heat and recharge in 90 minutes. A light strip on the bag indicates the remaining power level. The recharging port can also be used to juice up mobile phones and other devices. 

Hot Pocket makes it easy to quickly warm a sleeping bag or clothing. Simply stuff an item into the Hot Pocket, compress it using the sack’s nylon cords and press the power button. The temperature of the item raises 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Made of water-resistant synthetic material, the Hot Pocket comes in three sizes. It can also be unzipped to lie flat and can be used as a heated lap warmer when there’s a chill in the air. For more information, visit

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