Matthew Dickerson: Daring to succeed

Jan. 1, 2021  |  Feature, Perspective

A 6-by-4-inch yellow paint chip sits in a shadow box on the office wall of Matthew Dickerson, president and CEO of Tenshon, a shade sail manufacturer in Mesa, Ariz. More than a conversation starter, it symbolizes one of the most profound moments—and failures—of Dickerson’s career.
Carolyn Hajek on staying small and strong

Nov. 1, 2020  |  Feature, Perspective

Pride City Awning & Canvas founder Carolyn Hajek has built her business on trust and loyalty. by Laurie F. Junker  The successful formula for Pride City Awning & Canvas is the application of a simple principle—treat customers, suppliers and employees with honesty, fairness and loyalty…
John Delaloye: Innovating for the end user

Oct. 1, 2020  |  Feature, Perspective

John Delaloye combines Diamond Brand Gear’s history and reputation with a strategy that focuses on doing what lower-priced competitors can’t.  by Michelle Miron I get really pumped about new products, new fabrics, and when we learn from something we’ve researched or read about or seen somewhe…
Barry Adams on the science and art of the awning business

Aug. 1, 2020  |  Feature, Perspective

by Jill C. Lafferty “You have to be an exceptional artist. You’ve got to be able to create a vision for your customer,” says Barry Adams, owner of Peachtree Awnings in Norcross, Ga., and Tennessee Awnings in La Vergne, Tenn. “Where the customer lacks vision, we have to give them a vision…
Jan Kellogg’s strategy for growth at CCP Manufacturing

Jul. 1, 2020  |  Feature, Perspective

Jan Kellogg looks at the big picture for each job that CCP Manufacturing takes on, leading the company into new markets.  by Jill C. Lafferty “I love working with someone who turns to us with a new idea, saying, ‘Hey, can you make this work?’ We love taking the time to be able to do &…
Kevin Greenwood and Stage Tops USA cover lives events around the globe

Jun. 1, 2020  |  Feature, Perspective

by Jill C. Lafferty “Everything is visual today,” says Kevin Greenwood, owner/CEO of Stage Tops USA, a Manchester, Tenn.-based company that manufactures and installs roof skins, wind walls, stage scrims and other fabric projects for major live events around the world. “[My clients] want to be …
Promoting shade in the marketplace and happiness in the workplace

Apr. 1, 2020  |  Feature, Perspective

For Patrick Howe and Wholesale Shade, high-quality custom shade sails are the product of a happy and efficient workplace. by Jill C. Lafferty My day consists of making sure my employees are happy. That’s my number one job,” says Patrick Howe, owner of Wholesale Shade™, a private label shade sa…
Bob Grambsch leads Canvas Replacements in making new canvas tent tops for old pop-up camper trailers.

Mar. 1, 2020  |  Feature, Perspective

by Jill C. Lafferty We bring over 65 years of knowledge and experience to a growing and changing industry,” says Bob Grambsch, president of Canvas Replacements/Camper & Recreation Inc., a Loyal, Wis.-based manufacturer of replacement canvas tent tops for pop-up campers. “My dad had been buil…