E Squared Technical Textiles

XtrmPly Fish Grade rLLDPE

XtrmPly Fish Grade rLLDPE is available for fish hatcheries and recreational ponds. String-reinforced and 120 inches in width, its gray face distinguishes it from traditional LLDPE geomembranes. Available in a smooth or textured finish.

E Squared Technical Textiles

SoundSafe Acoustic Barrier

The SoundSafe Acoustic Barrier aids in noise control in a variety of environments, from sports facilities to construction sites. Available in colors and in white for digital printing applications.

Eastman Machine Company

Talon Multi-Ply

Talon Multi-Ply automates the process of transporting piles of stacked materials to the conveyor bed for cutting. Featuring motion control communications, it is available in two forms: The Talon 25 can cut up to 1.18 inches of compressed materials, and the Talon 75 can cut up to 3 inches.

Eastman Machine Company

Eagle C135 Conveyor System

The Eagle C135 Conveyor System is engineered to cut a variety of rolled materials using InMotion™ software, enabling the machine to operate with consistent speed and control with little to no human interaction.

Eastman Machine Company

L135 Laser System

The L135 Laser System offers a seamless way to transition from traditional cutting to laser cutting. It mounts to the gantry of a static or conveyor table and is used to cut and seal material edges to prevent defects from wrinkling and pulling.

Eastman Machine Company

S135 Static Table

The S135 Static Table cuts and marks any flexible material at speeds up to 60 inches per second. It can slice into cotton, nylon and vinyl with ease and can also be used on trickier materials, such as polystrand, PTEX and fiberglass-polyester blends.

Eternal Rise Inc. dba Sunnovatex

100% Solution-Dyed Acrylic

Awnings and outdoor furniture must be designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions. 100% Solution-Dyed Acrylic offers fabrics that are durable, weather-resistant and UV-stabilized, reducing the effects of aging and corrosion on outdoor textiles.



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Everest Textile Co. Ltd.

Everest Textile

Founded in 1988, Everest Textile specializes in yarn texturizing, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing, coating, laminating and garment production. All its products and services are bluesign® certified.

Fasnap Corp.

Nylon Webbing

Nylon Webbing is a strong, woven textile designed and manufactured into a flat strip or tube to be used for a variety of purposes such as fabric structures, tents or automotive uses. It is lightweight and durable, resistant to oil and abrasion. Available in 50- or 100-yard rolls.

Fasnap Corp.

Premium Snap Fasteners

Premium Snap Fasteners can provide a solution to a multitude of projects and are easily customizable. Users can choose from several sizes and stud options and how aggressive a snap they want. Also available in a variety of colors and metal finishes.

Forsstrom High Frequency AB

Forsstrom MG-L

Forsstrom MG-L is ideal for manufacturers looking to increase production efficiency. Designed with omnidirectional wheels—each with its own motor—the machine allows the operator to guide it in any direction with precision and ease.

Freudenberg Performance Materials

EnkaMat 3040 filter medium

Made of entangled polypropylene monofilaments, up to 95% of the EnkaMat 3040 filter medium is available for air and water flow. High surface area per volume ratio, open flow channels, low pressure drop, and resistance to compression, organic solvents, degreasing agents, acids and alkalis.

Freudenberg Performance Materials


EnkaChannel is a resin feeder providing high and constant flow rates. Its 3D spacer matting is wrapped in a thermally bonded nonwoven sleeve. Preformed into a compression-resistant yet flexible zig-zag configuration that creates a flow channel for resin. Polypropylene core encased within a copolymer fabric.

Freudenberg Performance Materials


A durable 3D matrix mat consisting of polymeric filaments that fuse where they cross, the EnkaDrain conforms to irregular surfaces and corners and protects waterproofing during and after backfill. Its waffle design creates an open flow path, providing continuous flow even under high loads.

Freudenberg Performance Materials


Composed of a 3D polymeric mat attached to a nonwoven fabric, EnkaSonic is an acoustic sound-insulation product with versatile applications. Lightweight as well as easy to handle and cut for quick installation. Used on a variety of subfloors to achieve a Sound Transmission Class (STC) level of 60+ and an Insulation Impact Class (IIC) level of 50.

GAPOSA Motors and Controls

AUTOMONO Solar Motor

Charger and battery-free, the AUTOMONO Solar Motor provides a sustainable option for motorizing shutters, awnings and screens. It ensures smooth raising and lowering using solar panels and torque-sensing technology.

Gehring Tricot Corporation


As a cured-in-place-pipe liner, the seamless construction and structural yarns of Vasiform™ yield a reduced liner cross-section for lower flow constriction than other liners. The use of naturally transparent glass fibers also allows for the use of UV-cured liner resins.

Haining Uni-tarp Coated Fabric and Products Co. Ltd.

Industrial Tarpaulins

Industrial Tarpaulins are used for special demands such as oil booms and barrier materials. This stronger version of tarpaulin is also suitable for water dams.

Haining Uni-tarp Coated Fabric and Products Co. Ltd.

PVC-coated inflatable material

PVC-coated inflatable material is airtight with strong UV and mildew resistance. REACH standard, 3P or 6P available. Environmentally friendly and safe to use in children’s inflatable bounce houses.