Haining Uni-tarp Coated Fabric and Products Co. Ltd.

Industrial Tarpaulins

Industrial Tarpaulins are used for special demands such as oil booms and barrier materials. This stronger version of tarpaulin is also suitable for water dams.

Haining Uni-tarp Coated Fabric and Products Co. Ltd.

PVC-coated inflatable material

PVC-coated inflatable material is airtight with strong UV and mildew resistance. REACH standard, 3P or 6P available. Environmentally friendly and safe to use in children’s inflatable bounce houses.

Herculite® Products Inc.

Architent® Beyond Coated

Architent® Beyond Coated is a heavy-duty, 20-ounce structural blackout fabric with a high-gloss finish engineered for use in semi-permanent event structures such as clearspan, keder and pole tents. Manufactured at 98 inches wide, it is one of the only wide-width tent materials produced in the United States.

Hoffman Brothers

Seiko BLWP

The high-speed Seiko BLWP series has a direct-drive motor as well as a large vertical axis hook and an automatic thread trimmer, back tack and presser foot lift. It also offers a touch screen panel, climbing device and dual stitching device.

Hubei Jinlong New Materials Co. Ltd.

PVC tarpaulin

The company’s production machine can produce 5-meter width PVC tarpaulin in its 400,000 sq. meter factory area. It also has an automatic cutting machine, a UV printing machine and a heat-welding machine that can make finished products as per customers’ designs.

Hubei Jinlong New Materials Co. Ltd.

Inflatable tent

With as few as three people, the inflatable tent can be set up for outdoor events, parties and weddings. Manufactured with safety and comfort in mind.

Hubei Jinlong New Materials Co. Ltd.

Flexible water tank

The flexible water tank is available in several shapes—rectangle, onion, sphere and pillow. Waterproof, durable, odorless, easy-to-fold and freeze resistant.

Interway Ind. Co. Ltd.

PE/PVC Tarpaulin

The PE/PVC Tarpaulin has a wide range of applications, from home use to industrial and agricultural markets. Also suitable as a temporary tent for humanitarian relief. UV resistant and flame retardant.

Interway Ind. Co. Ltd.

PE Net

HDPE mono+mono weaving construction creates a durable PE Net with high rip resistance. It has many applications such as bird net, shade net, bee net, hail net, debris net, landfill cover, etc. With production facilities located in South Korea and Vietnam, Interway provides reliable service and custom-made, durable products that meet the industry’s diverse requirements.

Jason Mills LLC

Style 401

Style 401 projects a clean, clear HD image in both a simulator setup and a home theater system. When used as an impact screen in a golf simulator, it offers durability, low noise and minimal ball bounce back. This material finishes at 120 inches wide and is fire resistant.

Jason Mills LLC

Style 800

Primarily sold into the occupational safety industry, Style 800 is made into a protective arm sleeve or apron for the glass cutting industry. This style is made using all 840 denier, high tenacity nylon yarn. When doubled, it offers an ANSI Level A2 cut resistance. Available in black and white at 48 inches wide.

Jason Mills LLC

Style 1910

Style 1910 is used in the health care industry, primarily as the sling material in a patient lift system. It has been tested to a load-bearing weight of 1,500 pounds. This material is lightweight, air permeable and fire resistant yet soft and comfortable for a patient to be seated in.

Jason Mills LLC

Style 2495

With several general industrial end uses, Style 2495 is part of the company’s stock program and has been used in banners, flags and substrates. Finished at 75 inches in width, it is a stable material and allows for airflow.

Jisan Tarpaulin Co. Ltd.

PE tarpaulin

The PE tarpaulin is commonly used on construction sites to protect buildings or structures against external elements. Also used to protect floors, furniture and vehicles. Durable, waterproof and lightweight.

Keder Solutions

KS1000 vinyl fabric

KS1000 vinyl fabric is a cost-effective, flexible and versatile laminate that is used in tenting, tarp, awning, sign and banner needs. This fabric also comes in an array of colors that are UV and mildew treated.

Keder Solutions

ULTRA fabric

The durable and long-lasting ULTRA fabric is best used for awnings, tarps, tents and structures, signs and banners. This coated vinyl fabric is lacquered on both sides with a high-gloss finish, making it attractive as well as easy to clean.

Livite(wuxi) High Polymer Material Co. Ltd.

PVC tarpaulin fabric

Available in widths up to 3.2 meters (10.5 feet), the PVC tarpaulin fabric is waterproof and fire retardant. Its weight, length, thread and color can all be customized.

Livite(wuxi) High Polymer Material Co. Ltd.

Inflatable boat materials

Airtight and waterproof inflatable boat materials are available in widths up to 3.2 meters (10.5 feet). Their weight, thickness and color can be customized.

Livite(wuxi) High Polymer Material Co. Ltd.

Architecture membrane fabric

Made of polyester fabric and finished with PVDF/acrylic, the architecture membrane fabric is flame retardant and its width, length, thread, weight and color can be customized.

Livite(wuxi) High Polymer Material Co. Ltd.

Biogas membrane fabric

The methane permeable biogas membrane fabric is rot resistant and flame retardant. Its width, length, weight, thread and color can be customized.