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Shade structure covers skate park

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The City of Bowie, Md., wanted to upgrade its aging Bowie Skate Park to a premier destination for skateboard athletes. City project manager Matt Reno wanted skaters performing gravity-defying feats for friends and family to enjoy the outdoor venue’s half-pipes and banked ramps without excessive exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. The city chose Shade Systems Inc., Ocala, Fla., to build a cantilevered shade structure over a five-row spectator area to cool spectators and block 99 percent of UV radiation from reaching the bleachers.

Reno looked for a product that “will last, tolerate the abuse public park amenities receive, and provide staff with an easily deployable and removable shade canopy.” Shade Systems delivered, with a canopy of CoolNet™ high-density polyethylene that repels moisture, resists dirt and retards flames. The structure’s Turn-N-Slide™ attachment system allows easy removal and reattachment of the canopy. Shade Structures offers a limited 20-year warranty on the steel structure and a limited 10-year warranty on the canopy fabric. The structure’s ruggedness, sun protection features and flexibility sold the city on its practical advantages. “Not to mention, it looks really cool!” says Reno. For more information, visit

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