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Couture goes digital

Projects | June 1, 2017 | By:

Built around the theme “Textile Stories,” the presentation showcased looks made from digitally printed fabrics. The designs by North American and Latin American designers could not have been created with traditional methods.Photos: Merritt Woodward.

More and more, fashion designers are looking to technology for their designs. To demonstrate the possibilities, Epson partnered with 13 designers from North America and Latin America to create one-of-a kind fashions using the company’s textile printers. The designs were showcased at the third annual Epson Digital Couture Project event held in February in advance of New York Fashion Week.

Instead of traditional processes for creating prints, the designers used Epson’s SureColor machines. There were a number of types of fabric to work with, since the machines can print on cotton, polyester, linen, nylon, silk and wool. The printing process delivered vivid colors and detailed designs.

The digital printers’ faster production time offered several advantages: designers could see their designs take shape more quickly and also make adjustments faster. The time frame also allowed the designers to complete some projects in just days rather than weeks.

Each designer adapted the technology to his or her own aesthetic. The designs for men and women included sportswear, evening wear, outdoor apparel and colorful, high-fashion styles.

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