Industry advocacy efforts keep textile business in the U.S.

May 1, 2024  |  Markets, Product Trends

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and other government agencies use many products made from specialty fabrics. They include military uniforms, straps, netting, tents and vehicle covers. High-quality fabrics are necessary so these products will be safe, perform well and have a long life. U.S. text…
Geosynthetics companies navigate the infrastructure law

April 1, 2024  |  Features, Markets, Product Trends

The $1.2 trillion bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) was passed more than two years ago to invest in America’s crumbling infrastructure, providing funding to rebuild roads and bridges, replace lead pipes, help provide high-speed internet across the country, and deliver cleane…
2024 IBC code changes affect temporary structures

March 1, 2024  |  Markets, Product Trends

Every three years the International Code Council® (ICC®) publishes a new set of International Codes®. These include the International Building Code® (IBC®) and the International Fire Code® (IFC®). The latest edition year of the ICC codes is the 2024 set. Advanced Textiles Association (ATA) pa…
Women entrepreneurs use bras in women’s health initiatives

February 1, 2024  |  Markets, Product Trends

Women’s health issues have historically been underfunded and ignored, a reality that is hard to believe today considering that women make up half the world’s population. Fortunately, women entrepreneurs are working to tackle some of the most daunting medical conditions women face, and the world …
Transparency tech: solutions for materials tracking

January 1, 2024  |  Markets, Product Trends

Supply chain traceability is increasingly important to hold various entities, such as brands and product manufacturers, accountable for the claims they make.
New cars or restored classics: Automotive textiles cover it

December 1, 2023  |  Markets, Product Trends

The textiles on floors, walls and windows in homes and commercial buildings often catch people’s attention. Now, automotive textile manufacturers and automakers are beginning to ask, Why not give people the same experience in their vehicles? Emerging trends in automotive textiles include environme…
Watching out for greenwashing in your supply chain

November 1, 2023  |  Markets, Product Trends

In a world where consumers are concerned about sustainability, being environmentally conscious and seeking ethically sourced products, textile manufacturers need to ensure that companies throughout their supply chain aren’t engaging in misleading or deceptive environmental or sustainability claims…
Chemical recycling may offer a solution to textile waste

October 1, 2023  |  Markets, Product Trends

As the detrimental environmental impact of the textile and apparel industries becomes better known and understood, great effort is being expended to become greener, with the recycling of textiles receiving considerable attention.