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Komar products allow easy cutting of Kevlar thread

August 1, 2008

Problem: Kevlar® thread works well in sewing operations, but it can be tough to cut cleanly. Solution: Komar Alliance has designed a complete line of nippers, scissors and shears to cleanly and efficiently cut Kevlar or other tough threads. The products, made with hardened stainless steel blades, have a special serrated edge, last two-to-four times …

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Tonneau fabric creates consistent truck appearance

Problem: Truck owners want tonneau covers consistent in appearance with the rest of the vehicle. Solution: DiamondTex, a heavy-duty fabric with textured vinyl coating, simulates the diamond-plate material commonly used for truck beds and tool boxes. The rugged and unusual look of DiamondTex tonneau fabric makes a lasting impression. SOURCE Bainbridge International

Molded plastic zippers benefit large structures

Problem: Fabricated structures require a heavy-duty closure with easy access and durability. Solution: Big structures benefit from Big Zip™ #15 Premium Heavy-Duty molded plastic zippers. Big Zip offers 100-percent corrosion resistance to salt water, teeth injection-molded from DuPont Delrin® acetal resins, marine grade 316 polished stainless steel slider, a unique resin pull handle and polyester …

WIRAND® fibers eliminate need for steel reinforcement

Problem: Placing typical steel reinforcement in concrete slab-on-grade industrial, commercial and high-performance floors takes time and is difficult to conform to construction drawings. Solution: WIRAND® fibers are produced with low-carbon steel wire with high-tensile strength. Introducing WIRAND fibers into the concrete mix eliminates the need for common steel reinforcement, adds additional reinforcement and achieves better …

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Coated polyester fabric protects rafts and inflatable kayaks

Problem: Commercial whitewater rafting exposes materials to extreme conditions: rock and sand abrasion, daily use, high UV light, constant high pressures and tensions. Manufacturers of rafts and inflatable kayaks want a premium material that performs better than existing PVC boats. Solution: The new generation Hypalon® coated polyester fabric benefits from new technology for bonding the …