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Nonwovens markets expand to meet consumers’ demands

April 1, 2009

Consumers are requesting long-lasting products that are high-performance, cost-conscious and environmentally sound. By Holly O’Dell Although the concept of a durable nonwoven is not new to the industry, many of the products’ traditional applications have focused on disposable items, such as diapers, hygiene wipes, feminine care products and medical drapes and gowns. But as consumers …

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Social media increases business

Can businesses find success in social media marketing in today’s economy? Yes, they can. By Janice Kleinschmidt Take a page from the high-end playbook: President Barack Obama used social media to build a base of enthusiastic supporters who carried him to the White House. “Instead of asking ‘Where can I find people to hit with …

Employee Free Choice Act impacts employment

What would this legislation mean to small businesses? By Patrick W. Hayes In 2007, the U.S. Senate narrowly failed to pass legislation that would have changed labor union organizing rules. This same issue was supported by President Obama in his recent presidential campaign, and likely will resurface in upcoming congressional talks. The Employee Free Choice …

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Winning government contracts

The U.S. government is big business and contracts for thousands of products. How-to advice helps businesses take advantage of these opportunities. By Teresa Bouchonnet On January 9, 2009, the U.S. government’s Defense Supply Center in Philadelphia (DSCP) awarded each of four different firms a contract worth a maximum of almost $488 million for a base …

Finding fabric for older boats

Compiled by Juli Case A customer recently brought in a boat from the early 1990s that still has the original fabric. Only one of the seats needs to be fixed, but it’s an odd color of green that isn’t around any more. Where I can get “old” boat fabric? Typically, when a customer brings in …

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Making informed choices in printing

Understanding the differences in printing technologies is an important step in making printer decisions. By Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth Fabric graphics are everywhere. With the pressure on to innovate and diversify to weather the current financial turmoil, more companies may be looking at printing, or partnerships with companies that print, or expanding their own printing capabilities …

Polyester webbing product for variety of applications

A new water repellent two-inch polyester webbing product is solution-dyed to prevent fading, has a break strength of 2,800 pounds and is available in three widths. This webbing is especially useful for medical, safety and protective, tent and tensile structures, and truck cover and tarp applications. SOURCE American Cord & Webbing Co. Inc.

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Aurora introduces new fire-resistant fabrics

Aurora has added six fabrics with fire-resistant (FR) treatments, including Premium Poplin FR, to its UV and dye sublimation line for indoor or short-term outdoor printed applications, and Act II FR, part of its Weaves of Green line of recycled polyester fabrics. It has also added Replay II to its Weaves of Green line. Made …

Roofing system enhances roof durability

Sheerfill® architectural membrane is a cool roofing system that delivers high solar reflectance and thermal emitting properties, enhances roof durability, and reduces both building cooling loads and heat island effect. Sheerfill is ENERGY STAR® qualified and Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) certified, and because of its translucency it provides abundant natural daylight to facility interiors. …

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New awning fabric maximizes thermal isolation

Thermocril, a 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic awning fabric, offers color fastness and a newly-engineered backside coating to maximize thermal isolation for the best heat reduction. Thermocril boasts dimensional stability, more water column than regular Docril and extra UV protection. It can be produced in any color now available in the Docril collection. SOURCE Citel