Textiles and 3D technology

December 1st, 2020

Produced through the 3D printing process known as solid deposit modeling (SDM), Nike’s Flyprint shoes were designed to help distance runners achieve peak performance. The company has been 3D printing textile uppers for its Flyprint shoes since 2018. Photo: Nike. 3D printed textiles can be viable in the industry.  by Kony Chatterjee and Tushar K. […]

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Redefining textiles

June 1st, 2018

New materials and manufacturing processes give the word “textile” new meaning. Textile technology is undergoing a revolution, with innovative structures, raw materials and manufacturing platforms creating new fabrics that defy old-school definitions. Introductory textile science classes teach that textiles are materials that can be woven, knit, crocheted, knotted or felted from yarns spun from cellulose, […]

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