Upholstered pods offer spot for creative immersion

December 1st, 2021

Lazerian Space combines food and drink with art and design, immersing guests within fabric upholstered aluminum pods. Photos: Gu Photography. With commissioned work coming to a halt last year because of the pandemic, artist Liam Hopkins set out to design his own project—a venue that would inspire and evolve. The result is Lazerian Space, a […]

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Sustainable flax upholstery fabric

June 1st, 2021

Illustrating Camira’s continued commitment to creating textiles using sustainable materials, Craggan Flax is woven from a natural blend of wool and flax. Deeply textured and thickly woven, this eco-friendly upholstery fabric retains the raw appeal of its natural composition, while possessing the contemporary aesthetic and stylized texture of a chunky weave. It embraces the natural […]

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What’s driving transportation textile trends?

April 1st, 2021

Camira Fabrics’ iconic textile pattern on the London Underground. Celebrating 200 years in transportation textiles in 2022, Camira Fabrics looks forward to contributing to a new line linking London to the West Midlands. Photo: Joe Green on Unsplash. The transportation industry is undergoing massive disruption, driven primarily by the climate change imperative: electric and hybrid […]

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Phthalate-free faux leather

December 1st, 2020

Camira Fabrics’ new vinyl Port has a leather-like grain in 22 subtle neutrals and muted tones that provide maximum durability for heavy-use upholstery applications. It is a phthalate-free vinyl that contains no fire retardants or biocides, making it an environmentally sensitive choice for high-traffic interior spaces. Prop 65 and AB-2998 compliant, the textile incorporates visual […]

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Closing the loop: long-term sustainability strategies for textile manufacturers

July 1st, 2017

Textile manufacturers are deploying sustainability strategies and forming partnerships to green up products and processes, helping manufacturers meet the requirements of even the most eco-concerned customers—and getting a good start on the circular economy of the future. For most manufacturers, eco-friendly, sustainable products are becoming a competitive necessity. And as concern over environmental issues has […]

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High-performance vinyls

October 1st, 2015

Four new vinyls—Ebb, Flow, Fragment and Huckleberry—are designed for heavy duty contract, health care, hospitality and education end-use areas. Fragment and Huckleberry are patterned vinyls featuring a knitted Hi-Loft backing in recycled polyester for a lighter environmental footprint. Ebb and Flow are non-patterned vinyls. Ebb has a textured and metallic effect, and Flow is subtle, […]

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