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PVC breeds controversy in industrial fabrics industry

July 1, 2008

Poor Waldo Semon. Today the inventor would no doubt fly his private jet to his private island, where he would entertain VIPs in just about any industry you could name. But in 1926, when the B.F. Goodrich Co. researcher devised polyvinyl chloride (PVC), his employer had a hard time marketing it. Today, manufacturers in industries …

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Tent graphics create their own audience

May 1, 2008

Picture a tent, pure white and large enough in which to park a Boeing 747. What would you notice about it? Probably that it was very large, and very white. But what could you notice? “The tent by itself says something special is going on here,” says John Schlueter of Karl’s Event Rental. “But if …

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Tailor your Web presence to bring in customers

March 1, 2008

Stephen Sibbald’s 15-year-old nephew washed boats for his uncle one summer, but he really wanted to work on the computer. Sibbald made him a deal: One boat-washing day earned one computer day. By the end of the summer, Scottie’s Canvas & Marine Outfitters in Fort Myers, Fla., had a Web site selling a $120, French-made …

How to do better business online

Your business is about making custom fabric products, not creating a Web site to sell custom fabric products. So, dismiss his ideas on forming canopies, if you will, but listen to Bob Filipczak when he talks about conducting business on the Internet. Don’t let his long title—site content and experience specialist in interactive marketing for …