Breakthroughs in advanced textiles: New bio yarn, less toxic water repellent, firefighting gear for women, and more

August 1st, 2020

Researchers have created a bio yarn from human cells that can be braided, knitted or woven into medical devices or scaffolds, which can be integrated into the body without eliciting an immune reaction. It has been used to create a vascular graft, woven on a circular loom. New bio yarn shows breakthrough possibilities Researchers working […]

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Santoni sells warp knitting technology to Karl Mayer

August 9th, 2016

Santoni and Karl Mayer agreed that Santoni will transfer its SWD technology to Nippon Mayer, a Japan based producer of seamless warp knitting Raschel machines. Nippon Mayer will take over the complete range of products including patents, the relevant manufacturing equipment as well as the entire stock of machines and (spare) parts.

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