Training canines with vibrating vests

December 1st, 2019

Tai was easily trained to respond to commands via painless vibrations in a fabric vest fitted with motors like those in cell phones. Photo: Jonathan Atari. Haptics is the technology of touch. It’s all about understanding how to use the senses of touch and motion to convey meaning, direction or a command. A research team […]

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Vest offers inflatable protection for bicyclists

April 1st, 2019

If you fall off your bike, you want to make sure you protect your thorax, back and neck. A vest that takes its cue from automobile airbags can do just that. B’Safe features an airbag that inflates instantly in the event of an accident. Developed by the French airbag technology company Helite, B’Safe features a […]

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Smart wearable tracks sports performance

September 1st, 2018

A new device puts a “coach” on the back of elite aspiring athletes, enabling them to track their performance and improve their game. PLAYR is a smart wearable vest designed by Benjamin Hubert of LAYER, an experience design agency, for Catapult, a sports analytics and tech company. Catapult works with more than 1,500 elite sports teams […]

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